Sinking Below Sea Level? Dutch Constitutional Standards on the Decline

Much attention (incl. mine) is now focused on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Fortunately, the Netherlands is not a autocracy like Russia. But the rule of law and liberal democracy in the Netherlands are also under pressure. I wrote an essay about it:

A Ballot Throne: does direct election matter for presidential power?

Part I: a discussion of Margit Tavits’ 2009 Presidents with Prime Ministers From kings and archons to presidents and prime ministers, positions of leadership and authority form a crucial part of every state. Different states have institutionally different positions of executive and legislative authority and different rules structuring their respective powers and relations, known as … Continue reading A Ballot Throne: does direct election matter for presidential power?

Executive type: basic definitions

A great deal of the literature comparing political institutions across countries has been devoted to the study of executive type (or executive format). By executive type I mean the institutional structure of the executive and legislative branches of a country (or other jurisdiction), their constitutionally-defined relationship and relative powers. Most people will be familiar with … Continue reading Executive type: basic definitions