The Golden Rule is Key: President von der Leyen and Western European Leaders are Undermining the EU’s Stability

“In response to Hungary’s new law banning “promoting or portraying as an end in itself” homosexuality or sex reassignment to minors and limiting sexual education in schools, the European Union and the Western media discourse has been indulging its worst nature. While touting the virtues of federalism, tolerance, and diversity in pursuit of stability, the EU is using the ideal of “a just union” to intolerantly blackmail and punish an unpopular nation to make it adapt its sovereign domestic policy for being too diverse relative to European norms.  In doing so, they risk bringing about the very kinds of conflicts the EU was formed to avoid.”

To read the rest of the article, please have a look at:

The issue here is not Eastern Europe vs. Western Europe, or even traditionalist Europe versus progressive Europe. The issue is preserving real cultural diversity within a European Union.


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